Second hand, n°1 in style: the ethical looks of a Belgian influencer

Juliet Bonhomme uses the codes of the Instagram influencers to promote a more conscious fashion.

Juliet Bonhomme, 23, from Brussels, had the brilliant idea of taking all the codes from the influencers to the millions of subscribers to promote a more “conscious” fashion. Through “outfits of the day” and other hashtags, she tries to raise awareness about the impact of our overconsumption.

Its principle? Propose looks entirely (or almost) composed of second-hand items. “I never see influencers wearing the same outfit twice. However, I am convinced that we do not have to buy new to be trendy at all. That’s where my idea came from,” explains Juliet, who is part of the non-profit organization The Lemon Spoon, which promotes a slow lifestyle.

second hand clothes


A few years ago, the young woman began to change her consumption in order to reduce her waste and her ecological footprint. “But I found myself faced with a dilemma. As someone who has always been a fashionista, I felt extremely frustrated. Because to reduce my environmental impact, I completely stopped buying clothes. I was completely paralyzed,” she says.

Things change when it takes a closer look at alternatives to the big brands such as videe-dressings, second-hand shops and vintage stores. “I realized that I could be completely trendy by giving clothes a second life.”

Thus, on his Instagram account, we find looks with the current style. Like this pink suit found in a flea market, accessorized with a leather banana purchased on the Vinted virtual video-dressing. “It cost me 8 euros to bring this ensemble back to life,” enthuses the instigator under her publication.

A solution for every problem

Juliet admits it, it’s not always easy to find clothes that fit her. But here again, the fashion fan has her little trick. “Exactly, the pants of my pink set were slightly too big for me. So I took it to a designer in my neighborhood. He took it back from me for about ten euros. I see this as a way for me to contribute to the life of local businesses. And finally, these pants only cost me about fifteen euros in total. I would never have found a part like this at this price at Zara or H&M!”

Not only does this way of dressing allow him to buy unique pieces, but also to make famous savings.

Juliet’s tips for getting started

We imagine that this initiative inspires you. So what are Juliet’s tips for getting started? “The easiest way is to start with video-dressings. It’s a good way to find girls who are similar to you, who have a similar style. Once you are comfortable with this exercise, I gradually advise you to venture into vintage stores and take the time to brocante.”

The Brussels woman also advises to use Instagram as a source of inspiration. “Record photos of looks that you like, so that you have all the pieces that really make you want to go to the flea market. Because the big trap of the second hand is to be tempted to buy more in view of the very low prices…”, concludes Juliet.